The Arts

Music is a special feature of Cashmere Primary School. Music is taught as part of all classroom programmes and is developed throughout the school.

In addition to the general programme Ministry of Education paid itinerant teachers provide tuition for clarinet, flute, violin, marimba and orchestra, with guitar and percussion tuition available for which payment needs to be made. Some school instruments are available for hire.

In addition to the above the Board of Trustees pays for a part-time music specialist to provide specialised music programmes to years 7 and 8 students and to support music groups in the Matai (year 5 and 6) and Totara (year 7 and 8) teams.

The orchestra continues to provide opportunities for extension for developing musicians.

There is a junior and senior choir which take part in the Christchurch South East Schools' Music Festival and the Whole of christchurch Festival respectively. A number of other opportunities are provided for the choir and the orchestra to combine and give public performances. One of these performances is the 'Kids in Town' opportunity.