Success and Distinction Awards

These are designed for our year 7 and 8 students to provide challenge and focus to learners and to encourage independence, self-management, contributing and participating, persistence and perseverance.

Students need to get 14 badges with at least 2 badges in each of the 5 categories below to qualify for a Success Award:

  • Leadership
  • Community Service
  • Academic
  •  The Arts
  • Sport

Download Success Award criteria for further information. Once a Success Award has been earned students can qualify for a Distinction award. These awards are one off and require time, focus and in depth study or commitment.  Download Distinction Award criteria for further information.

All supporting information can be found on your child's Class Ultranet page or on the Totara team Ultranet page. Use your child's log in user name and pass word to log onto Ultranet and access these documents.

Badges cost $3 each: The purchase of these is voluntary. Families can decide not to purchase a badge and if this is the case then the student will still have the success or distinction achievment recorded and will be honoured at assembly as per normal.