Swimming Pool


The school has a good pool measuring 18m x 8metres and is open from November until March depending on weather and staffing.  The heat pump and thermal blanket assist to maintain a regular temperature at about 24 to 26 degrees.

All students are expected to participate in the daily swimming lessons and should bring costumes and towel each day during the season. When appropriate a written note is required explaining the reasons for non-participation.

The school pool is available for use outside school time through a key rental system. Forms are available from the school office if you would like to rent a key.

Cashmere Primary Swimming Pool Rules

  1. No person is to swim alone.
  2. An adult key holder (parent or guardian) must supervise all children in their care throughout the children.s time in the pool area..
  3. No one is to use the pool if they have had sickness or diarrhoea in the previous two weeks. .
  4. Do not stand on the raised wall of the pool.
  5. Do not climb on, or over, any fence.
  6. No diving..
  7. The pool gate must be kept shut, do not leave it ajar for others to enter..
  8. Take all bottles or glass and used disposable nappies with you when you leave the pool area. Do not leave them in the rubbish bin in the pool area or elsewhere in the school grounds. .
  9. The pool area is Smoke free, along with all parts of the school and grounds..
  10. The penalty for jumping on top of anyone in the water, pushing anyone into the pool, other misbehaviour or not complying with a supervisor's instructions is to be put out of the pool immediately.