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Epi Centre Hire Info

The epicentre can be hired in weekends, holidays and evenings. For further information please contact us.

Times when the Epicentre can't be hired:

  • The epicentre is used for after school care between 3pm and 5.30pm each day school is open.
  • Any time during school hours: 8.30am - 3.30pm during term times

Lost Property

All items of personal clothing or equipment should be clearly named - this avoids considerable waste of time, concern about lost treasures and at times embarrassment. Found items are placed in a box, which is located in the office foyer.

Religious Instruction

The Bible in schools lessons are taken by community volunteers following prescribed non-denominational skills based programme for life with a requirement that there is no coercion or pushing of denominational philosophies. This is offered to children over a lunch time and children opt in.


The school operates its own stationery shop from the school office before school. However parents are most welcome and encouraged to seek more competitive prices from the retail sector. Generally the stationery is made available to students on the presentation of a form signed by a parent/caregiver and that amount is charged to a family's activity fee account. The beginning of the year stationery lists are sent home with the final report and parents are asked to buy the stationery in time for the school year from retail outlets.

Use of school outside of school hours

The school is a community school and as such we encourage our school facilities to be used by our community. Our grounds are open to the public outside school hours for general recreation. This includes the use of courts, playing fields etc. It is expected that school parents, and others, will try to ensure that such use of the grounds is fair and reasonable. Improper use of the grounds and damage to school property should be reported immediately to any member of the Board of Trustees or the Principal. Regular and organized use of the grounds must be cleared with the principal.

Skateboarders have been a real problem in the school grounds with considerable damage being caused in some areas. We request that there is no skateboarding in the school. Parents, care givers and neighbours are encouraged to take time to walk through the school grounds so that people see that it is used by our local community and is cared for.

We appreciate the care that our parents, neighbours and local community show towards the school.