School Uniform

For reasons of equity, safety, school identity and image, pupils are expected to wear the Cashmere Primary School uniform. This expectation applies while at school and when representing the school at sport and educational and cultural activities.


All pupils are expected to wear the Cashmere Primary School uniform to, from and during school. At the time of enrolment parents will be advised of the school uniform rule and uniform schedule.

The sports uniform, or appropriate school uniform, is expected to be worn for sporting activities. The sports uniform is not an alternative to the school uniform.
Compliance is to be attained primarily by means of positive encouragement.

Non-compliance will be dealt with discreetly by class teachers, team leaders and if necessary the principal.

The uniform is approved by the Board of Trustees. Any modifications decided by the Board of Trustees will reflect consultation with the school community and will have a phase in period.

Uniform items can be purchased though the school uniform shop or the Warehouse Barrington.

Assistance with uniforms will be provided where circumstances necessitate it.

Only garments with the school's name or logo are to be worn.

Cashmere Primary School Uniform.

Available at The Warehouse Barrington and from the Cashmere Primary School Uniform Shop.  The school uniform shop is open weekly, Friday 8.30-9.30am.

Boys' Summer:

Shorts: Cotton drill navy with Cashmere Primary logo tab on side.
Polos: Navy or White with CPS logo.
Polar Fleece: Navy full zip with CPS logo.

Boys' Winter:

Polos: Long sleeved navy or white with CPS logo.
Track Pants: Navy with CPS logo tab on side
Polar Fleece or Jersey: Navy full zip with CPS logo.

Boys' Senior:

As above: The logo on the polo will be 'Cashmere Senior'
Jacket: Navy and white with Cashmere Senior logo on the back.

Sports Uniform: Navy Shorts and CPS T-shirt

Boys' Socks:

Navy or white ankle or trainer liner socks.

Girls' Summer:

Culottes: Cashmere check for year 1-6
Polo: As above
Polar Fleece: As above
Dress: Cashmere check with white collar and cuffs for Year 1-6

Girls' Winter:

Pinafore: Navy winter weight
Culottes: Navy poly viscose winter weight with Cashmere logo on the side
Polos: as for boys
Polar Fleece: As for boys
Optional: woolen V neck navy blue jersey with logo
Track Pants: As for boys

Girls' Senior:

Culottes: Navy - all year round.
Polos: With Cashmere Senior logo
Optional: woollen V neck navy blue jersey with logo
Jacket: as for Boys.

Sports Uniform: Navy Shorts and CPS T-shirt

Girls' Socks:

White or navy ankle or trainer liners
Winter: Long navy or navy tights.


Winter: Black school shoes
Trainers which are predominantly navy or white.
Summer: as above or navy or black sandals


Navy slouch or bucket.

Winter Beanie:

Navy hat with CPS logo.

Polyproylene Undergarments:

If these are worn they must be the same colour as the shirt. i.e. navy or white.

Other uniform code requirements:

  • Uniform is to be clean, tidy and in good repair
  • Jewellery is not to be worn
  • Make up is not to be worn
  • Long hair to be tied back with ties that are consistent with school uniform colours
  • We advise that all children need to have access to one CPS uniform white polo shirt to wear when representing the school

Download our uniform brochure (The brochure has DUS Columbo street as a supplier of our unifom. This business has closed since the publication of the brochure.) The school and The Warehouse are currently the sole suppliers of Cashmere primary Uniform.

The school office can be contacted about your uniform requirements.