Restorative Justice

Restorative practices along with mediation and the teaching of NZ Curriculum Key Competencies are the default position to dealing with all unwanted behaviours.




Wrongdoing often defined as breaking the school rules/letting the school down. 1 Wrongdoing defined as harm done to well being of one person or a group by another or others.
Focus on establishing blame or guilt, on the past -what happened? who did it? 2 Focus on problem solving by expressing feelings and needs and exploring how to meet them in the future.
Adversarial relationship and process - wrongdoer in conflict with a person in authority, who decides on penalty. 3 Dialogue and negotiation - everyone involved in communicating and cooperating with each other.
Imposition of pain or unpleasantness to punish and deter/prevent. 4 Restitution as a means of restoring both/all parties, the goal being reconciliation and future responsibility.
Wrongdoing represented as impersonal and abstract: individual versus school 5 Wrongdoing recognised as interpersonal conflicts with opportunities for learning.
One social injury replaced by another. 6 Focus on repair of social injury/damage.
People affected by wrongdoing not necessarily involved; victims' needs often ignored; they can feel powerless. Matter dealt with by those in authority. 7 Encouragement of all concerned to be involved - empowerment.
Accountability of wrongdoer defined in terms of receiving punishment. 8 Accountability defined as understanding the impact of one's actions, taking responsibility, seeing it as a consequence of choices and helping to decide how to put things right. This will  involve consequences for the wrong doer.

So what does this mean for Cashmere Primary?

Our focus is on the following:

  • Accepting diversity and difference among our children
  • Supporting the child to make better choices
  • Supporting the child to understand the impact of their choices on others and how to make amends
  • Using restorative and mediation practices to respond to unwanted behaviours
  • Having all staff trained in restorative practices