Reporting to Parents

Reporting in relation to National Standards means that students, parents and caregivers will receive 2 plain English reports each year showing progress and achievement against the standards. There will also be at least two opportunities for learning conferences and one of these will be for parents and teachers only and the other(s) will be student lead conferences. The goal setting section and identifying the progress children are making are the most important part of conferences.

At learning conferences emphasis will be on:

  • Looking at the previous report and sharing with parents where their child is at in relation to national standards
  • Sharing next steps for the child, school and family with the parents - (main focus)
  • Sharing assessment results that have been collected so far this year: PAT, asTTle, 6 year nets, running records, STAR, basic facts brick wall and teacher OTJ against the national standards.
  • Any other matters important to the child, family and school.

In 2013 we began student led learning conferences across the school whereby students conduct the interview with their whanau and there is scheduled time for one on one with the teacher as well. A survey of parents showed that this initiative was well received by most respondents.

In 2013 we gave all parents their own log on details for Ultra-net and reports can be downloaded by whanau from there. Hard copies of reports will be given if requested.

These 2013 initiativesl continued in 2014 and will do so again in 2015.