Parking at School

We ask all members of the school community to show consideration towards others and patience when trying to find parking near school. There is a drop off zone outside the school and this is to be used to drop off and pick up passengers. Please don't park there beyond the 3 minutes allowed. We ask you to show consideration to residents of properties near the school by not parking across their driveway. The Church land by the school's Rooms 17 -19 block is now owned by the school and currently staff cars are parked there to allow more parent parking spaces on Hackthorne Road. The BOT is working with the MOE on how to develop the land so as to provide a safe pedestrian access way into school from Dyers Pass road from the pedestrian crossing. There are significant delays post earthquake getting any property work done. 

Please don't double park or do 'U turns' near school entrance ways and pedestrian crossings as this compromises the safety of children.

Thank you