Together We Learn: Ka Ako Ngatahi Tatou

At Cashmere Primary School we understand our primary purpose is to foster learning within a community that protects, cares for and develops the whole child.

Our Vision for Year 8 students when they leave Cashmere Primary after 8 years of school:

The experience and opportunities our Year 8 students have had during their time at Cashmere Primary School means they are equipped and prepared to face the challenges of secondary school and the world beyond.

They are confident and connected, knowing who they are, where they come from, and where they fit in. With a can-do attitude, they are resourceful, enterprising and resilient, and have strategies for meeting challenges and coping with disappointments. As effective communicators, they are able to work with, and relate to, a variety of people, listen actively, speak confidently, and choose the most appropriate ways of communicating ideas.

They have stepped to the summit, and will continue to do so in pursuit of life-long learning. Self-motivated, critical and creative thinkers and problem solvers, they are positive about their achievements at Cashmere Primary School and confident and excited about the future. Literate and numerate, they read to learn, write to express ideas, knowledge and understandings, and apply numeracy skills in a range of leaning contexts and situations. They are information literate, able to access information efficiently, to evaluate the information critically and use it confidently. They use the best available information to make decisions.

While at Cashmere they have looked to the horizon and been actively involved in the classroom, school and wider community, developing their self-confidence and a sense of pride and achievement. This involvement will ideally have included sporting, environmental, academic, economic, cultural activities and social service, and will give them confidence to pursue similar opportunities in the future, to take risks, and to be innovative and creative.