NZ Curriculum Delivery

Cashmere Primary School has given affect to the NZC 2007 across all of the eight essential learning areas. All NZ schools have been charged with implementing the NZ Curriculum by 2010. We have done this by:

  • Development of our school vision, values and beliefs
  • Publication of the schools pedagogical statement
  • Making sense of the Key Competencies and determining how students can demonstrate proficiency in these and in what context
  • Having up to date curriculum plans in:
    • Mathematics
    • PE and physical activity
    • The Arts
    • Maori
    • Integrated curriculum incorporating:
    • Social sciences
    • Science
    • Health
    • Enviro schools
    • Technology
    • English
    • Second languages
  • Having a time frame and plan of action for implementing all of the NZ.

We have fully implemented NZ National Standards and use this information to monitor student progress and achievement across the school and to plan for improvement.

Being an inclusive difference friendly school

Cashmere Primary is a difference friendly learning inclusive school. Teachers have received on going professional development on the strategies that they can use to ensure learning difference is understood and catered for. Teachers have also received in depth PD on Numeracy, Inquiry, Peer Coaching, PE, Enviro schools, Maori Tikanga, written language and Modern learning Practices (MLP) in recent years. In 2012 we focused on the learning needs of high ability students. We are well advanced on this journey. In 2015 we will continue to consolidate our knowledge of and to put into practice our understanding of how to meet the learning needs of high ability children and we will continue learning about collaboration, deep learning pedagogies and MLP.