School Charter

A charter is the undertaking that all State Schools make to the Crown committing themselves to reach certain goals and targets during the current year in exchange for receiving public funding.

Each school has a charter that contains its strategic plan and goals and targets for student outcomes.

In the plans and targets set out in its charter, the board describes the school's priority learning issues and its expectations for improved student outcomes. The core business of the school is to raise student achievement, but the board could set related objectives about attendance or harassment etc. The board could also identify other priorities, objectives and targets regarding staff and board capability, finances, property, and other ownership matters.

In the annual report the board presents its 'analysis of variance' that describes for the community how the school has gone about addressing those priorities and shows how successful their approach has been. The variance report should describe the outcomes of initiatives that aim to improve the way the school manages its resources, according to the objectives in the charter. To be able to analyse progress towards student achievement targets schools will need to have collected good data or evidence about student outcomes.

A close look at this data may suggest that the school could implement some of its programmes differently to make more progress towards their long-term improvement goals.

In other words, the analysis of variance provides a sound starting point for self-review.

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On this Cashmere Primary School web site we are posting this year's Charter including the goals set for the year and last year's Charter including the Statement of Variance of how we ended the year in relation to our goals.

Jacqui Duncan, Principal

Analysis of variance for 2014 results of set achievement goals and targets

2015 student achievement targets