Student Stories

quo-open  Kia Ora! My name is Ella GAO


Some words after 4 weeks’ study in Cashmere Primary School

---from twins’ mother



It must be a fantastic experience for me and the twins, because the twins told me that we MUST come the same school for next time! It is unbelievable.


Before our departure to New Zealand this time, the only thing I am concerning was the twins would not be settled in the new environment, but only after 1 day staying in the school, they smile every time. I was told that they liked the school very much, because there was ESOL teacher, and have nice home room teacher, friendly classmates, beautiful school yard, nice library, exciting slide, etc.


As the decision, the twins will go to Cashmere Primary School again in this year 2017.



quo-open  Kia Ora! My name is Sumin



quo-open  Kia Ora! My name is Nayeon.

I attended Cashmere Primary for the last 4 years and I loved every moment of it. What I really liked was the school environment. Especially the big field, senior playground, the nature garden and the forest. All the teachers there were very kind and supportive but not only the teachers, the students there as well.

Cashmere Primary has a lot of programmes that you can do inside the school. There are a lot of thing that you can do inside school such as road patrol etc. I believe this school is the best school that you can ever find in New Zealand. It was really sad leaving Cashmere as it is an amazing school.

And I hope one day, I can visit Cashmere Primary again.


Hi my name is Mira, Nayeon's sister.

Nayeon studied at Cashmere Primary School for the last four years. When she started her study at Cashmere, she could use very limited English. In spite of her language barrier, she could make a lot of friends who always respect people from other cultures. Nayeon also had regular ESOL classes which helped her to improve her English very quickly. I was very impressed by the way the teachers worked together with the parents as a team for the children's learning. The teachers always strived to build good relationships with not only children but also their families which made me feel comfortable.

Nayeon had a great time in this school with her lovely friends. Due to my job, we had to move to the North Island but all the teachers and children are missed by my family.



quo-openann-ann 2 Hi my name is May, Ann-Ann's mother

Ann-Ann had a wonderful experience here in NZ and particularly at Cashmere Primary. The Staff and children at Cashmere took really great care of her and made her feel welcome. She came home each day beaming, having learnt something new, or played something she never had in her life. She came to NZ with the hope to learn some English and went away with a whole lot more; new experiences, skills, confidence and friends.




quo-open Hi my name Suyeon Park

photoCashmere Primary is a good place to learn English because there aren't many Korean students. I learnt English fast. The school grounds are amazing because we are on a hill and there are many places to relax and play in. The hall has a basketball court for inside games when it is raining. The teachers are really nice and they know that I may not be confident in English and they put more focus on me to help me to learn. I came here to learn English faster than I would have done in Korea and I mastered it in 1 and 1/2 years. Mum chose this side of Christchurch because there weren't many Koreans here and she knew we would learn to get along with Kiwi friends . I have good friends. They help me with my English. We play and have sleep- overs and they are fun.