How to Enrol

Enrolment Procedures

Early enrolment of a child makes the school's organization a lot easier for ensuring a planned a successful start for all new entrat children.

School newsletters, Cashmere Kindergarten, other preschools and the Dental Therapist all assist us in projecting our enrolment.

There is an official enrolment form that needs to be returned to the office. Verification of age needs to be sighted from a birth certificate, or passport. A copy of these plus immunisation records and for non New Zealand citizens proof of residency, visa, passport records and work permit are required along with the filled out enrolment form.

A "Turning 5" seminar is held 2 - 3 times a year for parents of children turning five when an explanation of teaching and learning programmes and procedures and preparation for school are given. Pre school visits are arranged before anew entrant starts school and contact will be made with you by someone in the office. A smooth and positive transition to school is important and we work hard to ensure that this happens.

The 'Preparing for school' advice given at the 'Turning 5' seminars and in the welcome from the Assistant Principal Ms Klomp currently on parental leave  (below) outlines ways in which you can help prepare your child for their transition to school, or a change of school. Adequate preparation is very important for children and we appreciate feed back on how well (or not) we do it.

If possible the principal likes to meet all new students prior to them starting at Cashmere.

Download our enrolment form

Welcome from the Team Leader of the Rata team.

Welcome to Cashmere Primary School. I hope that you and your child will have a very happy and rewarding time at our school. Starting school is a big step in a child's life. It is our wish to make this transition as smooth as possible, and we encourage pre-school visits to enable parents and children to meet the teacher and become familiar with school life. The school office will contact you about these visits.

There are many ways in which you can prepare your child for school.

Some of these include:

  • Being able to dress without supervision.
  • Knowing about road safety and a safe route to and from school (you could walk this with him/her for the first few days or so).
  • Knowing about eating: i.e., do not eat all your lunch at play time.
  • Being able to use the toilet properly - please advise the teacher if there are any anticipated difficulties.
  • Knowing his/her first and last name, and if possible, phone number and address.
  • Recognising the alphabet and being able to write his/her name.
  • Recognising main shapes and colours.
  • Being able to handle small amounts of money.

From the first day at school your child will bring books home on a regular basis. Read these books together taking time to discuss the pictures and predict what might be going to happen. Encourage your child to point to each word as he/she reads. Enjoyment of the book is the keynote. Once or twice a week a library book will be chosen by your child. We have an excellent library at school. A trip to the Cashmere Junior Library might be a good idea as well.

Clothing should be named and we would encourage you to keep track of what comes to school and goes home.

If at any time you are concerned about your child's progress or behaviour, I am always willing to discuss the matter with you.