High Ability Children's Programme

High Ability children (and those who are thought to be) should be referred to the deputy principal by the student's teacher, parent, psych reports, self-referral and by peers.

We put all high ability children (and those children whom we believe are possibly high ability) on a register to monitor and track the provision for these children each year. In the first instance we expect teachers to differentiate the learning so that programmes are challenging.

We use across class grouping to accelerate learning and we will consider upward class promotion for students who would benefit from this. In 2015 all high ability and performing children have been clustered with like minded children in clustered mixed ability classes. We consider class make up each year and will provide differentiated programmes based on need  and the current cohort of children. How these children's learning will be catered for is constantly under review and structures to class make up can change to meet the needs of the current cohort of children going through the school.

In 2012 all teachers undertook in depth professional development on providing differentiated and accelerated learning programmes to high ability and performing children. In depth Inquiry opportunities, opportunity to follow learning passions and interests, distinction awards, principal awards, targeted purpose designed  learning programmess such as the linguistic pull out programme operating at the year 4 level and enrolment of these children in horizon classes for high ability children at the South Learning Centre. The school cooperates with parents who may wish to take advantage of specialist provision such as "one day" school.