Fees and Donations

Activity Fees

Parents are expected to pay the full amount of expenses incurred through extra curricular activities. There are many extras that children need to have at school, or activities from which they gain value from participation. Each year parents meet the cost of their child's stationery at the beginning of the year and any additional stationery is required during the year. A number of cultural, sporting or social activities are provided for all children during the course of the year that require payment. Rather than have children bring odd amounts of money and permission slips to participate, parents have agreed to an account being set up at the beginning of the year giving permission for children to participate in activities provided there is prior notification. This enables parents to have the right to decline their child's involvement in any activity.

Items included in this activity fee are:

  • Stationery needs
  • Bus travel to venues for sport & class activities
  • Cultural performances for visiting groups

The fee does not include one off expensive items eg. year 7 and 8 technology costs, ski trips, musical instrument hire, camp costs or class photos as these are billed seperately.

Payment must be made promptly on receipt of an invoice at the end of each term.


Parents and caregivers are asked to pay a yearly donation of $150 per child per year to enable the school to maintain a high standard of curriculum delivery for children. Most of our parents do pay and we are very grateful for the support we receive. The money collected is to support our learning difference programmes including learning support and gate students plus our second language programmes starting at Year 4 and to keep the school resourced within the literacy, mathematics and information technology areas. An envelope is sent home 4 times a year requesting this donation or families can pay using internet banking, This donation is a voluntary payment.

Since 2009 the Board of Trustees has asked for another one off donation of $150 per family per year to help pay off the loan for the epicentre. The final cost of the epicentre was 1.2 million dollars of which the Board of Trustees had to raise $700,000 and the Ministry of Education contributed $500,000. The loan of $150,000 will be paid off in 10 years. This donation is a voluntary payment.


The Parent Teacher Association are involved in a number of fund raising activities that brings money into the school and these have proven to be successful in providing additional money and serving as great social activities for the community.  The PTA has fundraised for the epicentre, the two playgrounds, sports uniforms for students, wet weather games and numeracy equipment for the classrooms. The PTA plans major fundraising each year to further enhance the school environment. We are very grateful for the work the PTA does on behalf of the school.