When children are enrolled all family members are offered a guided tour of the school by the Deputy Principal to see the facilities offered and to ask any questions. Children will also be introduced to their Classroom Teacher and Learning Assistants that they will be working with. For the first week new children are also 'buddied' up with a classmate to help and support with orientation. International students receive a very high standard of learning opportunity, personalised progammes and pastoral care at Cashmere. International students do need to live with a parent, homestays are available for year 7/8 children. Cashmere Primary is recognised as a school that provides excellent learning opportunites for its students as per the latest ERO report.

Enrolling as an International Student

All New Zealand children enrolled at a State School are entitled to a 'free education'. The Government funds state schools and teachers are paid by a Central Government pay service. International students do not qualify for 'free' education and are required to pay a fee.

The fee set by the Cashmere Primary Board of Trustees includes:

  • The cost of employing extra staff
  • ESOL (English lessons for children who have English as their Second or Other Language)
  • A portion of the school's operational cost
  • A portion of the school's capital costs
  • Administration
  • A Crown fee (A charge imposed by the Government for the use of a state owned facility)
  • Additional charges which include the annual cost to the school for being a Signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students) and GST ( Goods and Service Tax, and Government tax)

Cashmere Primary School has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for International Students. 

Click here to see the Code of Practice (in a variety of different languages).

Cashmere Primary is member of the 'Pathway' Educator group, click here to read more. 


Immigration NZ website



quo-open Parent's comment:

I sent my children to Cashmere because of the high decile rating, the low international numbers so my children are fully integrated in English. My children love the school. They have made huge progress. The most important thing is they like to go to school and learning is fun.
Maggie Chu (Taiwan)


quo-open International Childrens. comments:

  • I like how the field is really big and how we have sports gear.
  • I like it because you can see the city.
  • I like it how there are birds. nests in the school and a forest.
  • In reading and writing if I don't understand my friends and teacher will explain.
  • I like fitness, playing dodge ball.
  • School camps go to cool places
  • My teacher has a nice heart.
  • I like playing rugby.

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