Earthquake News

February 1 2015: Post earthquke repairs and building development starts in 2015

December 31 2013: No significant after shocks this year. We have practised 2 earthquake and evacuation drills this year.

December 31 2012: There have been no large or significant after shocks for several months. The school is looking forward to post earthquake repairs and development as a Restore School.

May 26 5pm: Have had a walk through and around all school buildings and retaining walls earlier this afternoon. No signs of structural or land damage.

May 25: A large 5.2 aftershock at 2.44pm. We will check buildings before 8.30am Monday 28/5. There is no visual sign of damage and children were calm with many not noticing or feeling the aftershock. We didn't evacuate as there was no reason to.

February 15: Whole school evacuation practice which went well. Staff, visitors and children responded in ways practiced and expected. School Links communication system also checked to see if working.

January 12, 2012 11am: School has been checked by engineers and remains structually safe and sound. Jacqui Duncan Principal

January 2, 2012. 2.45pm: I have been to school today and have not seen signs of structural damage from the latest swarm of aftershocks. We will get the school inspected before school opens by professionals. I hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season, keeping dry and finding some sun!! Jacqui Duncan Principal

December 24, 2011. 11.30am: I have been to school and walked through and around all buildings, play areas and retaining walls and have not seen signs of any structural damage or superficial damage. All classrooms and buildings are as we left them on the 16/12/11. We will get the school inspected in January 2012 by professionals but it does seem as if Cashmere Primary has once again withstood the shaking. If anyone needs to contact me over the holidays about their personal circumstances email: I do check these daily. Enjoy tomorrow everyone. Jacqui Duncan Principal

December 23, 2011: Christchurch has had several large aftershocks today. The school will be inspected during January 2012 to check its structural soundness and safety before school starts on February 1 2012. We hope all our families are safe and haven't sustained property damage. Jacqui Duncan principal

December 17, 2011: Emergency packs from 2011 are grouped in 2012 class groups and are safely stored in our emergency shed .. Hopefully we will never need to use them. We appreciate your help and support. Our assembly point is on the top court if an evacuation is necessary. Children have practised evacuating to this location.