School Leadership


Gavin Burn

Overall leadership and management across the school

Deputy Principal

Mrs Cathy Andrew

Responsible for school wide literacy, pastoral care of students and team leader of extension and provision for high performing and high ability students, learning support and learning difference. Also doing some ORR’s teaching

Assistant Principal

Mrs. Kerry Hall

Leading Modern Learning Practices and digital learning options through the school through a coaching model. Leading inside CPS the cluster deep learning pedagogy project that we are doing as a cluster. Also doing some release teaching

Assistant Principal

Mrs Rose Lewis

Leads the KōrahoTeam and responsible for school wide mathematics

Team Leaders

Māunu Team


Pīrere Team


Mrs Kirsty Brownlie

Mrs Rose Lewis

Mrs Lyn White

Ms Cara Cumberpatch

Māunu Team



Year Level      

Māunu Team Leader: Mrs Brownlie  Year 0 Transition Leader: Mrs. Brownlie


Miss Loveridge 

Year 1 and 2


Ms. Bastion

Year 2


Ms. Blanchfield - Mrs Creighton

Year 2


Mrs. Moore

Year 1


Ms. King

Year 1


Mrs. Brownlie

Year 1




Release Teacher: Mrs Sallabanks

Kōraho Team



Year Level     

Kōraho Team Leader: Mrs Lewis                    


Mrs. Thompson Marr

Year 3 and 4


Ms. Divett

Year 3 and 4


Ms. Griffioen

Year 3 and 4


Mrs. Lewis 

Year 3 and 4


Mrs. Cadillac, 

Year 3 and 4

Release teacher: Mrs. McPhail

Pīrere Team



Year Level     

PīrereTeam Leader: Mrs. White                      


Mrs. White

Year 5 and 6


Mrs. Andrews

Year 5 and 6


Mr. Grenfell

Year 5 and 6


Ms. McFadzien

Year 5 and 6




Release teacher: Mrs. O'Connell


Kātua Team



Year Level     

KātuaTeam Leader:  Ms Cara Cumberpatch              


Ms Cumberpatch

Year 7 and 8


Ms. Clark - Mrs Smith 

Year 7 and 8


Mr Jack 

Year 7 and 8


Ms. Rayner

Year 7 and 8

Release teacher: Miss Wright
Specialist teachers: Cashmere High School: Second Languages; Miss Provan: Music; Te Waka Unua Technology Centre: Technology


Admin Staff             

Mrs. Barbara Turner

Mrs. Amanda Corlet

Mrs. Laoise Condon

Library/ Resource: Mrs. Sue Meehan



Learning Assistants                

Mrs. Kerrie Cox

Mrs. Melanie Gresty

Mrs. Michelle Harbour

Ms Jenny Jameson

Mrs. Vickie Rickard-Green

Mrs. Paula Quinn

Mrs. Sylvia Seelan

ESOL: Dr. Anneke a Campo

Reading Recovery and Literacy Support: Mrs. Pam Clearwater


Itinerant Music Tutors                              

Clarinet: Ms. Lana Law

Flute: Mrs. Sarah Helleur

Guitar: Mr Ewen Glasgow

Percussion: Mr Jon Biddington

Orchestra: Mrs. Anna Provan

Violin: Mrs. Julie Pettitt


Caretaker: Mr. Steve Smith

School Cleaners: At Your Request.