School Teams

Welcome to the Rata Team

Team Leader is Mrs Brownlie

Kia ora! 

The Rata Team is made up of 6 classes of enthusiastic, motivated and determined  learners who are in Year 1 and 2.  They are fortunate to have 6 wonderful teachers teaching them - Miss Megan Wright, Miss Toni Loveridge, Ms Mary Bastion, Mrs Sarah Moore, Miss Tarsha King and Mrs Kirsty Brownlie.  Mrs Brownlie is currently the acting team leader, while Miss Aleisha Klomp is on parental leave.  Welcome to Miss Loveridge who is new to Cashmere Primary this year.

The Rata Space

In 2016, as we begin our re-build process we have transformed the school multi purpose building (the Epi Centre) into a vibrant and welcoming learning environment for our junior team.  Each child belongs to a home learning space within the Epi Centre and has a home room teacher.  We have named each of the home learning spaces after a native bird and the learning space for our New Entrant students is referred to as the Nest.  The students may also work in other learning spaces throughout the day, utilising the different strengths of teachers and maximising the amount of targeted teaching time they have, by working in cross class groupings with students who are  working on the same skills.   

The Team

We have a great team of teachers in Rata who work together to create and implement fun and engaging programmes for our Year 1 and 2 learners.  The students and teachers work in two collaboration teams - Team Tahi (Years 0-1) and Team Rua (Years 1-2).

In the Year 0/1 collaboration team we currently have 3 teachers, with this number increasing as the roll grows over the course of the year.  Mrs Sarah Moore teaches Year 1 students in the Kea Learning Space, Miss Tarsha King teaches a Year 1 class in the Tui Learning Space and Mrs Kirsty  Brownlie (Acting Team leader and Transition to School leader) welcomes the New Entrant students to Cashmere Primary and teaches in the Nest. 

In the Year 1/2 collaboration team there are two Year 2 classes and one Year 1/2 class.  Miss Megan Wright is teaching a Year 2 class in the Piwakwaka Learning Space until mid way through Term 3 when she will be leaving to have her first child. Mrs Penelope Blanchfield will become the teacher in this learning space at this time. Miss Toni Loveridge teaches a Year 2 class in the Pukeko Learning Space and Ms Mary Bastion teaches both Year 1 and 2 learners in the Kakapo Learning Space.  

Our Programme

Our day starts with a song and a welcome and then we begin our Numeracy Programme.  This involves the children working with the teachers in targeted numeracy groups, spending time exploring number and different strategies to solve problems or with the teaching of strand maths. At 10:00 AM we stop for some exercise and a fruit/vegetable snack.  After fruit break and fitness, we move into our Written Language programme.  At this time the children are explicitly taught the skills they need to develop and then they work either independently, with the teacher or with other students to create and then share their written work.  After all of this critical thinking, creating, working and sharing, the children are hungry and ready for a play with friends at morning tea time (11:15-11:45 AM). After morning tea it is time for our Reading Programme which includes guided lessons with the teacher, interactive and independent reading and participation in a range of literacy based activities. The morning's learning concludes at 12:45 which is lunchtime. 

In the afternoon we focus on the other curriculum areas such as Physical Education, the Arts, Inquiry, Health, Science, Technology and more! We take time to integrate our learning so that the children can enjoy and explore a range of curriculum areas often.

Every Friday the Rata Team love to get together at our Rata Assembly to share their learning and celebrate success! We acknowledge birthdays and sing all sorts of fun songs. The children love it when parents come along and show them how proud they are of their efforts. We also meet as a team every Monday afternoon when we alternate with either a singing session or for Hui Time,  where the students learn Te Reo, and waiata in mixed Rata groups. 

One of the highlights of the week in the Rata Team is 'Smart Time' which is held every Friday morning.  This programme is based around Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences and celebrates the fact that children have strengths in different areas (Art, Science, Word, Maths, Music, Physical, People skills etc).  Smart Time gives the children the opportunity to choose from a variety of activities that are on offer and that relate to different types of 'Smart'. We also include a Key Competency focus each week to encourage the children to work on either; relating to others, participating and contributing, thinking, using language symbols and text, or managing self.        


New Entrant Programme

A  carefully planned transition programme is in place to support our new children as they transition to Cashmere Primary School.  This includes pre-entry school visits, teacher visits to pre-schools, Year 8 buddy mentors who visit the New Entrants regularly and support them in the playground, and a  photo booklet showing fun times during the student's first few days of school.  We also run three informative 'Turning Five Seminars each year where all prospective and interested parents and pre-schoolers are welcome to come along and learn more about Cashmere Primary School and how we run our transition to school programme.


The Rata Team children are excited about learning and work hard to achieve their goals and share their new learning with others so, make sure you take time to come into the learning spaces and celebrate with us.


Welcome to the Kowhai Team

Team Leader is Mrs Lewis

Kia ora.  Kowhai Team caters for the needs of our Year 3 and 4 children at Cashmere Primary School.

Our Team

There are 5 learning spaces in Kowhai Team. Our leader is Mrs. Rose Lewis who also teaches Year 4 children (LS 9 homebase). Alongside LS 9 is LS 10 and Mrs. Meg Cadillac is the homebase teacher. We have 55 wonderful learners in Year 4 and we run a collaborative programme with this group of children. In LS 1, 2 and 3 we have 74 amazing Year 3 students who have 3 home base teachers; Mrs. Denise Thompson-Marr, Miss Kate Divett and Mrs. Ida Cullen. A collaborative programme is also run in these three learning spaces.

Our Programme


Our learning space programmes are based on the learning needs of the children. We focus on finding out what the learner needs to learn, and how they can best achieve this. Therefore each child has “next steps’ in his / her learning, and these goals are being constantly evaluated so that the learner can move on to the next step.

Every morning we start with CHILL (Children Leading Learning). From 8.30am onwards the children can take part in learning activities based on the SMARTs, and this is a choice made by the children. They can choose from reading, visual art, maths games, Maths Buddy, word games, basic facts, handwriting, 3D constructions, completing something they are working on, chatting to someone including the teacher about what they have done, or importantly going outside and taking part in a physical activity.

We then move into our Literacy Programme starting with Reading. We love reading books by lots of different authors and a highlight is visiting our school library at least once a week. Reading is followed by Writing and we enjoy publishing our writing for others to read and enjoy. After morning tea our focus is Mathematics, where we find out about numbers and learn how to solve problems.

In the afternoon we focus on the Arts, Maori, Topic and Inquiry, and Sport and PE. One of the highlights of the week is the learning of Mandarin each Friday, where the children take part in Mandarin lessons with a Mandarin tutor.


At Year 3 and 4 it is important for the children to have opportunities for physical exercise and to gain further physical skills. Daily fitness is an important part of our programme. We have a Physical Education / Sport Programme provided by Youth Town every Wednesday, where the children learn the skills involved in playing winter and summer games. The children also have opportunities to practise skills learned, during the week.


At Year 3 and 4, the children are gaining confidence with their social interactions and their identity of self – worth. We incorporate the Key Competencies into our daily programmes, to help each child to grow in their ability to manage self, relate to others, and to participate and contribute.


We value the importance of the children understanding that they are part of a team which is also part of the greater community of CPS. Therefore we provide opportunities for the children to develop a sense of and the responsibility of, belonging to a community. The children in Kowhai Team meet together every fortnight for Team Assembly. The children plan and present the assemblies and share their achievements and celebrate successes. Another opportunity that many of the children take part in, is the Kowhai Choir, led by Ms Kate Divett. The Kowhai choir performs at Kids for Kids and Kids in Town. Many of our children also join the school Kapa Haka groups: the Year 4 children in the Senior Kapa Haka Group and the Year 3 children in the Year 2 and 3 Kapa Haka Group. We also take part in the schoolwide Buddies Programme. Our Year 3 students are mentored and take part in activities with the Year 5 and 6 students. Our Year 4 students take on the responsibility of being buddies to the New Entrant and Year 1 students.


Each year we look forward to our Education Outside the Classroom Programme in Term 4. The Year 4 children explore Early Canterbury with 4 or 5 visits to such places as Ferrymead and Quail Island. The Year 3 children investigate endangered animals and visit Orana Park for the day.


Welcome to the Matai Team

Team Leader is Mrs White


A wide variety of skills are offered by our team of four talented teachers who collaborate and reflect to create and plan engaging learning programmes for our learners in all curriculum areas  

In the Year 5-6 learning spaces are Lyn White, Sue Andrews, Matt Grenfell and Francis Ganderton, our release teachers are Kerry Hall, Natalie O’Connell and Marie Porter.

Our Learners


Our learners are becoming reflective in recognising their next learning steps,  with an  awareness of what they need to do to achieve their goals in self directing their own learning, often collaborating with peers to share valuable feedback which they can act on to improve their learning outcomes

Our Programme  

The day starts with the teaching of Literacy (Writing) followed by Numeracy or Maths Strands, then Literacy (Reading) in the second and third sessions. The afternoon programme is related to our theme topics (Health, Social Studies, Science, Technology and the Arts; drama, dance, visual art and music).


We use the Inquiry process and a variety of thinking strategies to build Key Competencies, to seek answers to questions and use researching skills to find out information to make a difference to our world. Special celebrations are presented after Inquiry. Children experience and participate in French and Te Reo.


Every year children experience EOTC (Education outside the Classroom) at Matai Camp, to build positive relationships with one another. Our Sport is Friday afternoons at Pioneer Stadium where we run a comprehensive programme to develop physical and games skills. During the year children also have the opportunity to take part in learning Gymnastic skills.


Matai children are given opportunities to take on extra responsibilities and have the opportunity to perform in the Matai Choir and Kapa Haka group, also to be Road Patrollers and learn skills for Cycling Safely. They are learning to care for their environment by recycling and can be active members of the Enviro Team. Also in Year 5 we plant trees in Victoria Park for Arbor Day. Every fortnight an assembly is presented by the children to share their learning and celebrate their successes.


Welcome to the Totara Team

Team Leader is Miss Cumberpatch

Kia ora! This is the team that caters for our Year 7 and 8 learners.


There are four classes in the Totara team:  Our leader is Miss Cara Cumberpatch (Year 7/8 Homebase). This year we welcome an essentially new team of teachers to Totara to facilitate learning for our early adolescents. From the Matai Team we welcome Mrs Sandra Chapman (Year 7 Homebase), Mr Duncraft is beginning his full time teaching career with us (Year 7 Homebase), Mrs Clare Doornenbal and Mrs Michelle Smith are job sharing for 2016 (Year 8 Homebase) and our fantastic Release Teacher is Mrs Angie Rayner who has rejoined the Totara Team following her year as Acting Rata Team Leader.


Our Programme

As we are all very aware a learners successful adjustment to their new learning environments and schools has a positive impact on their learning. In the Totara Team we do not view the transition as an end-of-year, or beginning-of-year event, but as a process whereby learners make gradual adjustments to their teachers, peer group, and to the learning programme and opportunities. This adjustment is different for each learner.


They’re at the early adolescent stage and there are five key aspects that aid in how we tailor our 2-year programme. The aspects are; intellectual, social, physical, moral and emotional.


INTELLECTUAL: Our learners are given a myriad of opportunities, to be curious and to have their thinking extended and challenged. We place an emphasis on learning to take up these opportunities as a year 7 and 8, this results in Year 9’s who are motivated to achieve when challenged in their learning. These opportunities are presented throughout the school year, either in class or as an extra curricular option. Highlights for our learners include our 6 subject Interchange, the Success and Distinction Badges, our CHS Languages programme, our Technology programme at Te Waka Unua, our transition Math, Writing and Reading programmes, and entries into various academic competitions.


SOCIAL: Our Year 7 and 8 learners have a need to be social and appreciate knowing about themselves. They are essentially finding their own place in the world. In 2016 the Totara Team will strengthen our high expectations about behaviour and learning as we continue to focus on the Key Competencies, with the intention that our learners build independence, build relationships with their peer group, build confidence in themselves and build their ability to be self managing and organised. All in preparation for secondary school.


PHYSICAL: Our learners in the Totara Team do mature at varying rates - our programme quite capably caters for the Year 7 and 8’s need to be physically active. We enjoy our 5 day camp in Term 1 each year- In 2016 we journey to Wainui for our coastal camp. Our learners experience Physical Education sessions during Interchange, South West Zones, and Indoor Sports. In 2016 we will be trialling and preparing to attend our 3rd Koru Games - a competitive 3-day tournament in Term 3.


MORAL: All of our learners in the Totara Team are encouraged in a safe environment to participate in leadership roles or in decision-making that affects their life in the Totara Team and school. We understand that as they mature they engage a new sense of the larger world around them - our Year 7 and 8 group can be idealists and want to have an impact on making the world a better place. They undertake key roles as our school seniors, they are distinguished in their Senior Jackets, in our assemblies, on road patrol, running environmental initiatives, on the school council, helping at the office, welcoming a visitor, or buddying with a new entrant, to name a few responsibilities.


We are fortunate in that the spaces the Totara Team occupy are utilised to mimic daily transitions that will occur at secondary school. Our goal is to encourage self managing behaviour in a safe, scaffolded environment. They learn to have the right equipment in the right place at the right time - an essential skill that they will need to ensure success in their future learning environments. Following 2 years in the Totara Team our Year 8’s depart as students ready for Year 9 with that ‘can do’ attitude and skills to relate to others at the ready - they have developed a real sense of themselves as competent and capable beings.


Student Leadership and Year 8 Executive

There are many opportunities for the students to develop leadership in the Totara team.


During Year 7 our learners immerse themselves in opportunities to demonstrate their ability to grow and show their Key Competencies across the curriculum. This includes undertaking a variety of roles as leaders of the following: Junior Kapa Haka, Music Group, Buddy Sport, Peer Mediator, and New Entrant Buddies,


At the conclusion of their Year 7 year, all of our learners are given the opportunities to be a Year 8 leader through the application process. This role involves being part of leadership training as well as performing a number of different tasks that benefit the school and other students.


Our Year 7 learners who are keen to be part of our small Year 8 Executive present a speech outlining their leadership strengths. Their peer group, together with the Principal, Team Leader and Totara Teachers vote for selected learners to be part of the Executive for their Year 8 year. From this group of names we allocate specific roles to fulfill.


We are very proud and excited for our 2016 student executive and the year we have ahead of us in the Totara Team


Head Boy:Henry Allott

Head Girl:Taryn Smith

Deputy Head Boy/Sustainability Leader:Jack Calder

Deputy Head Girl/Sustainability Leader:Poppy Blake-Manson

House Leader:Caleb Manson

House Leader:Murren Halcrow

House Leader:Fergus O’Neill

House Leader:Pixie Cockerill

Cultural Leader:Chloe Donaldson

Cultural Leader (Kapahaka):Luke Jones

Communications Leaders:Molly Corlet and Charlotte Gilray

Inclusive Leader:Sophie Chapman


Interchange 2016

To prepare our learners for the transitions of secondary school, we have a curriculum Interchange on Tuesdays. The learners are regrouped into five groups of approx 18-20 Year 7/8 learners. We timetable in  3 x 50-minute classes between 8.30am and 12.45pm. The 6th group are our MOTIVATIONZ Sport Academy Group who participate in an alternative sport programme run for an hour each Tuesday by Marg Foster and Anthony Beks on site.


All of our learners experience the 6 subjects over the 4 terms. In 2016 we are pleased to continue to offer specialised teaching of Music by Miss Anna Provan of Cashmere High School and Sport by Andy Gibson of Release Sports. Science, Visual Art, Dance/Drama, and Physical Education is taught by Totara Teachers who have an affinity to these subjects in the Intermediate area.


Education outside the Classroom

CAMP: Each year we enjoy a 5-day (4 night) Year 7 and 8 camp in Term 1. On even years (2014, 2016, 2018) we venture to our coastal camp at Wainui. On odd years (2013, 2015, 2017) we venture to our land based camp at Hanmer Springs.


SKIING: Each year we take our Year 7 and 8 students for a day at Mount Hutt Ski Field in Term 3.


KORU GAMES: We will be participating in our 3rd Koru Games hosted by the Selwyn District. This year we entering competitive teams for the 3-day tournament. In the past we have enjoyed success at Table Tennis and Lawn Bowls.


WELLINGTON: At the conclusion of the learners time at Cashmere Primary they are individually invited to enjoy a rewarding trip to Wellington. This is a very fun and educational way to end their time at our school. Our Year 8’s show an high standard of Key Competencies to earn this invitation.


Our parents and learners fundraise throughout the duration of the school year to enable us to stay in Wellington and to participate in the following activities: Te Papa (educational Tour - Currently the Gallipoli Exhibition), The Great War Memorial, Capital E, Ferg’s Kayaks/Climbing/Roller Blading, Parliament Tour and lunch with Ruth Dyson, Weta Workshop, Government House, Cable Car, Amazing Race, Wellington Zoo. As well as leisure activities: Bowling, Swimming/Hydrosliding.


YEAR 7 WEEK: While the Year 8’s train/ferry/bus to Wellington the Year 7’s enjoy their time out and about enjoying Tough Kid, Golf, Surf Day and Orienteering at the Groynes.