Parent Teacher Association

The PTA of Cashmere Primary School has 14 parents and 2 teacher representatives who actively support and represent the school community by being part of the PTA Committee.

Aims: The committee's aims are;

To foster goodwill by organising social events to bring the school and the community together

To initiate and run fund raising events to supplement the school's operational bulk grant.

To assist communication between whanau and the school staff.

Events: Each year we plan a full calendar of social and fund raising events. The 2017 main event is the Cashmere Primary Twilight Fair on Friday 10 November from 4.30pm. This is a wonderful event attended by many families from the school and surrounding community.

Fundraising: The PTA committee works very closely with the Principal, the Board of Trustees, School Staff, and the School Student Council. This allows us to be as responsive as possible to the school's needs, such as funding pool upgrade, sports and music uniforms, sporting or other equipment, landscaping projects, or other identified projects. Annual  fund raising events are Cards, Calendars and Diaries with children's artwork, and Entertainment Books. We welcome new fund raising ideas and encourage you to share them with us.

Meetings: We meet monthly, usually on the second Wednesday of each month at 7pm in the staffroom. Please check the school calendar or whanau news for exact dates.  Joining the committee is a wonderful way to support the school as well as getting to know other parents.  All newcomers are welcome to join us for meetings with no pressure to join the PTA.  There is also the opportunity to become a “Friend of the PTA” if you would like to support our many activities.  Just email us at  If you would like any more information about what we do please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our current PTA Committee:

Chairperson: Katie Martin


Treasurer: Mike Green

Committee Members:

Katie Brown, Paula Daniels; Jen Duncan; Mike Green; Katie Martin; Deborah McHarg; Wendy McLarin; Ben Onions; Wendy Taylor; Clare Palmer, Tess Patterson, Katrina Beresford, Victoria Biddick, Rose White.

Staff Rep: Sue Andrews and Barbara Turner
Principal: Gavin Burn

From the PTA Chairperson Katie Martin:

I have four children Clara (11), Aidan (9), Hugh (4) and Tom (4).  We started at Cashmere Primary 6 years ago and with four year old twins this family will be involved with the school for many years yet!  We very much enjoy the sense of the community that exists at Cashmere Primary School and as chair of the PTA I look forward to extending these social opportunities for the school families and the Cashmere community.  Our active PTA fundraising arm has consistently put on events over the years to raise money for some amazing school projects such as the junior and senior playgrounds, the upgrade of the swimming pool, the school field, sports equipment and learning equipment to name a few.