Our School

Our school is 115 years old and therefore our buildings vary in age and style. In August 2009 the purpose built Epicentre was opened. It replaced the old hall and provided a music room, a kitchen and a large multi purpose learning space as well as a hall. In 2012 the new cricket nets on the main playing field and new senior playground  on the lower playing field were completed and opened. The swimming pool's earthquake damage has been fixed and was opened for classroom programmes in 2013 and for community use in 2014. The PTA has fundraised to improve the pool over and above the work done by the MOE in 2012 and this extra work was completed in December 2014. Between 2014 - 2016 the MOE will information share, plan and implement extensive building and grounds repair and modernisation following the 2010 - 2011 earthquakes. Master planning was completed in 2014 and in 2015 detailed design will happen with property work following later in 2015. This is the biggest and most extensive property development in the history of the school with a budget of $6 million.