Strategic Plan

Our school's Strategic Plan has as its main emphasis the raising of standards of achievement within the context of the New Zealand Curriculum 2007 and in relation to National Standards. We will achieve this, at Cashmere Primary, within a climate of openness, partnership, community responsiveness and rigorous self-review.

Partnership is valued and encouraged at Cashmere Primary. It is through partnership that we will create a high trust working environment in which all people will be able to contribute to the best of their abilities.

Pupils and their families, teachers and support staff, the wider Cashmere resident community, including the pre-schools that our children come from, and secondary schools that our Year 8 pupils move onto are all part of our community partnership.

The Plan represents a change in emphasis from previous strategic planning. This change of emphasis is driven by:

  • The revised National Administration Guidelines (NAGS), effective from 1 July 2000, which requires Boards of Trustees to develop a strategic plan to maintain ongoing self review and to report on student achievement.
  • The New Zealand Curriculum 2007
  • NAG 2a reporting in relation to National Standards 2010
  • National Standards 2010
  • Christchurch South Learning Cluster Schools strategic Intent (LCC Plan).

Download the Cashmere Primary School 2017 Charter